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User-focused solutions for 30+ webpage designs. These UI designs easily connect users with technical information while meeting business needs.

Analog Devices (ADI),  also know as 'Analog' is an American multinational semiconductor-technology company specializing in instrumentation, signal processing, power management and data conversion – within the aerospace, automotive, communications and electronics industries. 

My pixel-perfect UI designs helped build quality and efficient solutions for ADI's thought-leadership webpages and editorial-style digital experiences. The projects included digital illustrations, infographics, data-storytelling and data-viz designs.



As a UI Designer and Digital Artist, I managed user experience and web design from the initiation phase to the product launch. This involved organizing the content and visuals to ensure optimal responsive-adaptive user experience. This included presenting drafts to stakeholders, directing quality assurance and debugging efforts during pre-launch updates.


2-4 Weeks for each web tech-page / Tandem web page schedules


UI Design / B2B, Technology, Manufacturing


Desk Research, Data Storytelling, UX Design, UI Design, Wireframing-Mockups, Prototyping


Figma, Axure, Sketch, Photoshop-Illustrator, Workfront-CMS

UI Design Process

Product Definition – Collaborating with stakeholders and business groups to shape both the product and the user experience

UI Visual Design – Create wireframes, mockups and high-fidelity prototypes for the product based on research and user feedback

Design QA – Working with engineers and developers to ensure product is ready for launch

Launch – Product pushed to LIVE website — I made sure all assets and content were properly created and uploaded to the CMS


Foundational Goals:  Top-of-class editorial-style digital web page experience projects and creation of web pages, 

and connect C-level and industry leaders to ADI technology solutions — and their impact on people and the planet.

Primary Goals:  Increase interest and drive traffic within the and Signals+ portal — connecting users with data, information, brand experience, visuals, product links and elevate organic traffic.

Solution and Business Impact

I created a multi-page approach to help streamline branding, UI Design and developmental operations. The web pages prioritized layout, data/story and visuals, and provided in-depth insights into each web page topic; each produced from industry leaders from around the globe. Our teams collaborated with management, marketing, product managers, VPs, writers, engineers and UX. 



Wireframe Mockups, Prototypes, Redlining UI and collaboration

Working with stakeholders and UX product management, we designed a navigation topography for site.  All designs were prototyped using Axure RP.

Translating research into an actionable design plan to create UI layouts. Designs formulated from a Bootstrap framework into Low-fidelity wireframes and mockups through final High-fidelity hand-offs. The UX research helped inform the UI content strategies and visual design plans.


High-Fidelity responsive web page delivery, QC and collaboration with the development team



Each website page has an opportunity to create unique content scenarios.  As part of this project, I created an interactive solution for a custom image carousel.  My primary design focus centered on:  Standards in UI design, brand and design system specs, functionality, user findability and hierarchal consistencies. 

The high-fidelity mockups were designed and translated into working prototypes — built and created using Adobe CC and Axure.

Furthermore, I designed additional assets, including illustration, hero images, site navigation tile images, mobile content, as well as, web pages on the


Carousel Redline Specs for Engineering and Development: Responsive Desktop / Mobile

Web page designs (continued): UI layouts focusing on: brand-tone, navigation, links, visuals, micro-copy, digital content and illustrations

Digital UI assets included a custom accordion element and specs for the Dev team

Major brands well represented on the ADI website

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