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UI Webpage Design Projects

Helped my team level-up UI designs and build world-class, user-focused solutions for thought-leadership webpages and editorial-style digital experiences. 

Low fidelity mockups
High-fidelity UI
UI Accessibility
Interactive design
Digital Illustrations
Development & testing




Analog Devices | Hyundai
Jun 2022-Aug 2022

Responsive webpages.
UI Design

Design Sprint deliverables from Stakeholder requirements and project goals.


UI Designer. DCX, wireframes, mockups, prototypes, illustrations


Fortune 500. Technology


Figma, Axure, Photoshop, Illustrator, Workfront

Company overview

Analog Devices (ADI), a Fortune 500 technology company, also know as 'Analog' is an American multinational semiconductor-technology company specializing in instrumentation, signal processing, power management and data conversion – within the aerospace, automotive, communications and electronics industries.

Project overview

These responsive webpages help engage, inform and educate users to make high level decisions quickly, as well as help solve business requirements. The UI designs enhance and improve the user experience by connecting the dots between design patterns, UI/UX best practices and interaction design.

Generative research

Working with stakeholders, writers and business managers, our team conducted online and internal surveys and gathered customer service feedback to establish technology-centric archetypes. From this research we uncovered pain points and friction areas then distilled these into solutions, strategies and metrics.

Pain points

• Users had friction issues with readability and overly complex content areas.
• Users mentioned that some content didn't have consistent visuals-icons.
• Users not feeling engaged or inspired by editorial pages.

Users goals

Users expect a high-level of information and visuals to help them progress quickly through their tasks and quickly solve their main business goals.

Find data and purchase info. easily.

Business goals

Make useful, easy to digest and friendly UI solutions. Focus on scannability, discoverability and clear Signal-to-noise ratio.

Keep users on task using UX micro-copy and strategic hyperlinks. 

Ideation, wireframes, mockups

UI layout from identified pain points. Bootstrap framework, low to medium-fidelity wireframe mockups and UX content strategies. 

Responsive web-mobile: Medium to High fidelity prototypes.


Image Carousel: Webpage included interactive High-fidelity mockups, redlines, Design System specs and engineering hand-offs.

As part of this project, I was assigned to design a solution for a carousel. The final hand-off consisted of specs for responsive desktop-mobile. 

Primary focus: UI standards, consistency, findability and visual hierarchy. 


Redline specs for developers and engineers

Digital illustrations for UI webpage content

Below: sample of Illustrated content based on project requirements, accessibility standards and user goals.

Illustrator, Photoshop, Blender: Illustrations

Measured results from the experience solutions  (2021-22)


Unique Visitors
(+3% YoY)


Visits (+3% YoY)


New Visitors 
(60% in 2021)


Number of Page Visits
(-2% YoY)


Average time on Site

(-5% YoY)

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