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Analog Devices –

UI design for a cohesive digital customer experience.

Analog Devices (ADI), a Fortune 500 semi-conductor technology company, enables customers to shape the future faster, ensuring a healthier, more connected and sustainable future. 

Digital Customer Experience Team / senior visual design duties include, but not limited to: quickly generating innovative concepts, ideation, sketches, wireframing, mockups, prototypes and digital illustrations – all based on stakeholders' direction and working in a highly collaborative environment.

These webpages are highly technical in nature, but when broken down to the most essential and core interactions, the user flow enhances continuity, consistency and cohesion. 


UI Responsive Webpage Layout & Design

Design Methods used: Gestalt concepts, ideation, wireframing, mockups, prototypes, visuals and final hand-offs.
High-Fidelity layouts from the wireframes and bootstrap structure: 
  • Navigation reDesign-structure
  • User Flow through Page experience
  • redline communications
  • Final discovery and finding of Page-Level 
Accordion Interactive Design Layout

UI Responsive Webpage Layout

Additional high-fidelity UI design based on business and user needs and requirements:
  • Cohesive content strategy
  • Consistent interactive elements
  • Meet brand guidelines and Design System specs
  • Pixel-perfect deliveries
  • Illustrative content and visuals
  • Collaboration with web development team

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