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BQE Software

UI & Content Experience Design for SaaS Log-in Screens

BQE Software, a SaaS driven company, develops products for the professional services industry; automating timekeeping, project management and the billing processes.

Senior Designer for visuals, UI content and final hand-offs.

Collaborations with SaaS marketing teams, UX Designers and Project Managers to create digital interface experiences with a clean aesthetic and valuable UI efficiencies.

All UI designs created using a combination of: Illustrator, Photoshop, Sketch, Figma and Zeplin

SaaS UI Designs: Project 1

UI Designs for Software 'Sign-in' Screens: focus on marketing campaigns and upcoming corporate events.
Round 1– Before: Initial Concept Designs for Sign-in Screen: Event Presenters-Speakers
Round 2–After: Iterative UI Designs / Designed for UI A/B Testing.

Team feedback fueled my momentum...
Seeking frequent constructive feedback helped me adjust my UI designs quicker

SaaS UI Designs: Project 2

UI Designs for Software 'Sign-in' Screens: Focus on Marketing Campaigns and Upcoming Corporate Events Sign-in, CTA's and UI.

UI screen designs planned for interval updates: a cadence of one UI screens bi-weekly.
Round 1 – Before: Initial concept & Iterative Design in Sketch.
UI Designs for Sign-in Screen: Succeed Event- Promotional Campaign
Round 2 – After: Individualized screens for product features / marketing campaign.

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