Understand the client's industry first - Design second


A new perspective to visual design helps convey BQE’s game-changing software.

Role & Visuals Provided

– Guideline and Process-focused Designs
– Visuals

– Process Breakdown

Client Spec-Project  /  Social - Online Content Graphics

I gained a complete understanding of the brief and industry context long before diving into the visuals.

After the research, I built a visual language around the process and uncovered new insights. I was able to uncover a clean and modern framework for all iterations or revisions moving forward.


By continually taking on design risks, I created fresh and useful, design concept solutions.

Getting ahead of the game with
plenty of research.


This project included a Design Brief with a few constraints; one being the specified dimensions and aspect ratios for the final artwork.

Design Process Breakdown 


Goals included clarifying the requirements and identifying exact dimensions for deliverables.

Digital Marketing Graphics for Online Advertisements.  



If a specific industry is not my expertise, I devote as much time as necessary to understand the big picture before I can begin the design process. This helps me get to the essence of my visual process at a more efficient pace. 


Building the design voice,


When arriving at the style tile phase, I started to formulate a clear baseline and establish a more concrete feel for the project. ...In architectural terms, these efforts helped me develop a framework so I can apply the building materials on top.

One area I have always been fascinated with is the phycology of colors. Once established, this adds credibility to the brand voice and story telling.



This part is my favorite. I get to start using all my building materials and make something unique and tell the final story in the visuals.  Using empathy design and UX Design paradigms, I can begin to model elements and features, like; CTAs, hierarchy and user focused content.  



I used research as my compass to help guide the visuals to a successful outcome.


Top priority was the consistency with each element and the relationships as a whole. The most challenging concepts were the dimensional constraints between the various web ad sizes. e.g. tall, thin



Rounding up the design solutions, I learned many valuable lessons with each experience and better ways to apply them to future design projects. Including: brand story-voice, UI consistency and efficiency.

Sketching out my ideations and planning were essential phases for design-thinking and solving problems.



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