Technical Skills
and Creative



Innovative and stealth process for creating 
on-Brand visuals.

Role & Visuals Provided

– Graphic Collateral
– Visual Design

– Brand Design & Specs

–  Illustrations

Daiwa Inc. B2C- Costco Ecommerce and experience design.

I worked closely with Marketing teams and Costco Development to create
on-brand deliverables for the campaign. The internal CMS had many code restrictions and constraints, so our teams needed to be innovative on how we
produced and marked-up our visuals for content use.


Most important lesson learned: " focus on possibilities and alternate solutions when faced with unique challenges."

Designing from a baseline template and deliver quality work - even if it 'breaks a few rules'. 

In my design process, I occasionally like to break the rules and think with a skeptical mindset. With these analogous methods, I have learned to uncover more solutions to unforeseen and complex problems.

This project had many technical constraints from Costco's CMS templates, so I approached each task with the end goal and requirements as my main compass. Finally arriving at a final look that clearly met
both business requirements and solved several technical roadblocks.


In my role, I helped plan, create and execute Brand visuals for this Ecommerce Project.


My accomplishments married the technical constraints with the creative content to tell a brand story for the Costco consumer. 

Designing from a baseline CMS framework and making design order from client constraints.

Costco Ecommerce web graphics
Tasks included: Layout, composition designs, color palette, icons, illustrations and call-out graphics


Auxiliary Visual Graphics / Both 2D & 3D Applications 

MassageNode-LShape Graphic.jpg

Daiwa's campaigns also included on-brand marketing collaterals.

Continuing with B2B-B2C projects, I created and reDesigned a Foldout Brochure for Print. Themes were
on-Brand Blues with complimented colors; marrying a clean, modern, and contemporary look.


One main challenge was taking the vast amount of visual content and translating this into a logical design hierarchy and visual flow. This translated to an asymmetrical, Gestalt-style design modality. 

Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 2.09.48 PM.png

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