Transformative Brand Visuals for
User Experience.



Focused brand voice helping create break-through visuals, challenge  conventions, and deliver
real results.

Role & Visuals Provided

– Brand Strategy
– Brand Voice

- Visuals / Graphics / Content

- UX/UI & CX 

- Interactive Design

After 30 Years of successfully positioning their business as an industry leader in home-garage security doors, Beam Labs branches out with an updated Ecommerce and Website experience.

Our team used key resources to uncover and tell the Beam Labs brand story. My path included: working Lean, maximize the project time, place focus on the user experience, as well as prioritize the business requirements and providing consistent visuals. 

Phase 1: Successful Visuals Begin with
A Planned Brand Story Guide 

Design-Thinking process to uncover unmet user needs and project solutions.

Amazon Marketplace

As the Senior Level Designer, I planned, developed and created all the Brand visuals with a detailed content strategy for Customer Experience (CX) on Ecommerce Marketplace / Vendor Central. 

Guiding Principles
Before I could dive into visuals, our team needed a detailed roadmap to help communicate the brand clearly throughout all phases of the campaign.  With team collaborations, we were able to developed a detailed Brand Story and VoiceThe Brand Story Strategy was used throughout each phase of our marketing campaign.

The Heart of User Empathy Design

I gathered detailed user research, helping to uncover pain points, client needs, competitive audits as well as journey mapping and CX strategies.  Once fully analyzed, we developed actionable steps and used foundational research for all user experience/empathy design and ideation for content visuals. 

Mobile App UX Design Paradigms & Case Study

Creating impactful, targeted and friction free Interactive Design was the main goal. After reviewing user pain points, I created Use Case scenarios and journey map to uncover the best solution and ease-of-function for a common interaction function. UI Consistency & Standards.

Iterations > Solution > Approved

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