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UX Case Study –
Mobile App: ER Check in

reDesign existing blog site to compliment a brand/website experience 'refresh'.
Focus on business requirements and (re)branding to help elevate organic traffic via strategic marketing funnels. 


BQE Software requirements included an updated Blog site tailoring to business strategies. Furthermore, there was discovered disconnect with the brand experience within the customer journey. This affected the customer experience pipeline and perception of the company.  e.g. downloading whitepapers, requesting software demos, contact sales, end of journey purchase

Scope and Goals

Designing a user interface for how users behave while meet business requirements and follow brand guidelines. Increase organic traffic and connect the user journey with marketing and sale s strategies.


Improve the user experience and connect to brand story. After completing my evaluation research and audit of the existing plan, I discovered that users were having issues in their journey from social channels to Blog and finally into the marketing funnel. Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action. They encountered unclear flow and ambiguous steps on their journey. During A/B testing, Click-test and heat maps, we uncovered that users were not getting the most desirable results.

Finally, I designed a high-fidelity prototype to validate a new version of the blogging site. After testing and refining the prototype, I did a handoff for development. Since the release of the blog site, users were happier with the new interactions.


As a senior visual designer, I was tasked with UX research and redesigning the MVP product for an updated blog site experience design. My process included competitive research and audits, sketching, ideation, prototyping, layout-mockups, and validating designs via A/B testing. As design tools, I used Illustrator and Sketch. 


Research started with product evaluation, competitive analysis, internal co-employee questionnaires, studies of customer service chat logs and online customer feedback. I used these research methods to evaluate the company's existing product and obtain a deeper understanding of their target audience as well as how we can build an experience to meet these needs.

For a successful product reDesign, our team aimed at enhancing the following:

  • Visual Design

  • Business Value

  • User Experience

  • Organic Traffic Marketing Strategies

  • Efficient Collaborations with Web Development

How Might We?....

UX process: Jobs-to-be-Done (JTBD), HMW and Journey Mapping to generate ideas, understand users, the problem space and uncover new solutions.


Some users aren't fully aware of the company's product offerings and how this solves their business goals, and they're confused regarding the steps to take towards: demos, evaluation and purchasing.


HMW increase awareness by connecting the users in their journey through marketing and UX/UI strategies? Would our UI design strategies benefit from a structured user flow with specific focus on actionable interactions, so users could find relevant resources quickly?

How can we solve UI real problems, create pleasurable user experiences, and incorporate UI design-relevant innovations?

Working towards effective solutions through design ideation with focus on: user engagement, page visits+clicks, time on blog articles, user requests for demos-trials and connections with the sales department.

JTBD in the SaaS marketing funnel

Usability Test Questions.jpg

Low-Fidelity Prototypes

User Decision Tree-01.jpg
Research Statisic-v03-01.jpg
Research Statisic-v2-01.jpg
Research Statisic-v06-01.jpg