Human-Computer Interaction Design
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Just-in-Mind, Photoshop

to uncover solutions for common interactive design challenges while using Front-end based, interaction design software. [ Just-in-Mind ]



Design an interactive experience using
Just-in-Mind Prototyping Software

CHALLENGE: Make a fully interactive prototype using Just-in-Mind Software to showcase different looks of the Mona Lisa. I based the concept from the original art and added various artists interpretations using Sliders and a Shuffle Button.


SOLUTION: Front-end-style math, functions, and variables on buttons and sliders. Defined task definitions, what users need to achieve and gathers data with feedback. 

Screen Shot 2020-08-31 at 12.12.15

Example 1: The Mona Lisa Art "Sliders" captures the movement to reveal each masked image, while the associated icons updated in color based on the sliders (value %) position with visual feedback. 

Example 2: For the interactive Mona Lisa shuffle image project, I quickly discovered some hidden challenges such as developing a numerically accurate randomization method. As a solution, I researched front-end coding and applied the math functions to create a cycle-style of grouped images.


Screen Shot 2020-08-31 at 12.05.22



Explore innovative ways to display values & auto-update selections using Just-in-Mind

Screen Shot 2020-10-04 at 10.07.46

CHALLENGE: For this prototype example, I created text entry fields that automatically updated cities corresponding to the country selected by the users. e.g. Spain-Barcelona, France-Paris, Italy-Rome


SOLUTION: I used Front-end style math, functions and variables. I also added animations triggered by the user's selection.  i.e. If a user picks 'Italy' it would display the cities name in the corresponding text field and CTA button. I also included animated flag icons.



Interactive Medical Appointment Scheduling App

CHALLENGE: This prototype required a set of variables throughout each interactive screen. When the user completes the form and enters data, the final interaction responds with the users information is then compiled in a visual feedback sheet.


SOLUTION: I used Front-end variables and a 'Data Master List' to drive the input fields. Later in the interaction, the data is compiled automatically in the Feedback Sheet.

Screen Shot 2020-10-04 at 10.05.35
Screen Shot 2020-10-04 at 10.24.38

Original Wireframes and Prototype mockups

Screen Shot 2020-10-04 at 10.05.02
Screen Shot 2020-09-01 at 10.34.50
Screen Shot 2020-09-01 at 10.36.03
Screen Shot 2020-09-01 at 10.36.10



My goal was to create interactive design prototypes using Interactive Design conventions and animated interactions within the mobile Apps