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About Me

Senior Designer with an emphasis on Visual / UI Design but the full suite of abilities spanning digital, social, eComm, traditional, data viz/infographic, and even packaging design. I've collaborated with UX, Product and Marketing teams, and have had a voice in strategic considerations throughout the design process. Also experienced within the UX process, particularly in the creation of UX artifacts including prototypes, wires, user flows and microinteractions -- I've also been relied upon to establish and/or refine design systems.


My reputation as a team player and thorough individual contributor is evidenced by my many strong references from throughout the entirety of my career, and my ability to "plug and play" across so many disciplines combined with my humility serve organizations well in numerous ways.

My project-level roles & experience in:  Digital Content, Art Direction, CX/UX/UI, Illustration Art, 3D, Motion Graphics, Print and Packaging Design


Professional Experience

The Marketing Store (TMS) 

Sr. Digital Designer-Art Director / UI.UX   |   03/2023-02/2024, Remote, Los Angeles

• 100% accurate and consistent digital design deliveries for all agency campaign projects each month for one year; resourceful and positive impacts on team outputs.

• Improved user and brand experience for Fortune 500 company projects, most notably for McDonald’s Food Corp. agency projects: Design Systems, UI design, documentation and Localization.

Analog Devices (ADI)

Sr. Digital Designer / UI  |   10/2021-02/2023, Remote: Los Angeles

• Delivered on average 15% increase in website content output, infographics and layout efficiency; compared to the prior 2 years.

• +3% YoY elevated visitor-metric, KPI results from my newly designed web pages.

• Management of projects as well as the look and feel for agency projects from concept-execution to completion; quality focus on UI consistency and accuracy.


Sr. Digital Designer   |    01/2021-07/2021, Remote: Seattle-Los Angeles

Executed UI digital designs and delivered each with pixel-perfect results; 100% Quality Control accuracy and consistent digital design outputs for 6 months.

• Achieved best practices in brand and optimal Interface design efficiency.

BQE Software

Sr. Digital Designer-UI   |   01/2020-05/2020, Remote: Los Angeles

• Designed for brand strategies across UI and digital content to help solve SaaS business objectives and marketing strategies.

• Tailored successful visual design deliveries across 360° marketing campaigns.


Visual Designer   |    08/2019-01/2020,  Contractor: Los Angeles

• Successfully ideated, designed and built UI.UX for eCommerce, brand story and digital visual content for Amazon Marketplace and website design.

• Led, designed and managed team collaborations for national packaging design campaign for Sears/Craftsman; completed and delivered project in record time.

AFC Corp., Daiwa Inc.

Visual Designer.  |    07/2017-07/2019, Contractor, Los Angeles

• Owned designs and project management for on-brand strategies into precise, efficient and clear visuals with impact-focused content deliveries for: Digital, UI, Print.

• Grew and led consistent design team improvements for omni-channel projects over a period of 2 years. Oversaw design team and improved accuracy and output by55% consistently over a two a year period.


The Art Institutes of York, PA

Associate Degree in Visual and Design Communications

California Institute of the Arts

Certifications: UX.UI Design & Interactive Design

Awwwards Academy

Specializations:  Art Direction / UI.UX Design


Design Tools-Advanced Level

AdobeCC • Figma • Sketch • Axure • Abstract • Zeplin • AirTable • CMS/DAM

WorkFront • Asana • MS365 • Generative AI Applications • Blender

Visual Design Project Acumen

Art Direction • UX.UI • Branding • Illustration • Interactive Design

Wireframe • Mock-ups • Prototypes

Responsive Desktop-Mobile • HTML/CSS
Data Storytelling • Print •  Motion Graphics • 3D

Soft Skills

Collaborative spirit • Adaptable
On-time deliveries • Biased towards results • Granular attention to details
Resourceful problem solver • Positive attitude • Passion for creativity


Playing guitar has been my jam since forever, and it totally amps up my design process with a truckload of fresh...


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