Experience Design Study

Mobile App User Testing & UI 
Heuristic Evaluation

Our team discovered a friction point where users were confused with the word 'settings' in the middle of the screen. It was unclear if it was a clickable element or just a title area for HOME. 

After usability testing and research, I iterated potential solutions for this usability problem. One constraint was that I needed to keep the original design standard and location of elements. 
I iterated more than five versions to uncover the best solution for the user and the project constraints. I used common UI conventions with affordances and signifiers making sure there was appropriate user feedback to stay on task: 

Example: SETTINGS + Carot Symbol (see below) 



Experience Design Study

Website Client Research Evaluation

As part of a Spec Project, I used UX research methods and UI heuristic evaluation to find similarities and differences between LA Times and their competitors.

My aim was to uncover and identify strengths, weakness, and potential solutions/opportunities for improving the interface design system. 

Artboard 1.png

Key Takeaways

During my initial evaluation stage I found it most helpful to created a detailed heuristic Excel schematic/chart. This helped me organize my research goals and distill my gathered information into manageable chunks. From the Excel document, I then make various UX maps and written summaries of my findings to uncover product design opportunities and usability strategies.

When uncovering these details, I found 'a large amount' of common themes, strengths and heuristic similarities among these companies, so I decided to redefine my goals and research criteria. Instead of targeting similarities, I primarily focused on specific heuristic categories to uncover the 'uncommon differences' in these observations and studies.