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About Me

Digital Designer & No-Code UI Development.

I'm a senior-level digital designer with a specialization in design strategy and UI interaction design across multiple platforms. With over 10 years of experience, I excel at bringing product ideas to market for tech companies spanning various industries. I thrive on collaboration with product leadership, employing UX.UI design strategies and engaging stakeholders to deliver top-of-class digital products.

I enjoy delving deeply into challenging problems and designing holistic solutions to create lovable products.



The Marketing Store (TMS) / HAVI  (Contract)

Digital Designer/UI


 Interactive UI design for HAVI-Marketing Agency and McDonald's Food Corp. Ideation, Wireframes, Mockups, Prototypes, B2B

Analog Devices (Contract)

Digital Designer/UI


Responsive website design, digital content and illustrations for an international technology company: aligning brand into effective visuals, B2B

Limeade (Contract)

Digital Designer/UI


Digital marketing visuals and UI&D for a SaaS technology-service company, B2B

BQE Software (Contract)

Digital Designer/UI


Omni-channel digital visuals and UI&D for a technology SaaS company, B2B

BeamLabs (Contract)

Digital Designer/UI


Brand graphics, UX.UI responsive website design for a startup technology company, B2C, B2B, IoT

Freelance Designer

Digital Designer/UI


AFC Corp.

Senior Digital Designer


Omni-channel digital visuals, UI, brand strategies, packaging and marketing graphics, Food & Beverage


Awwwards Academy

Certification  UI/UX Design, Art Direction & No-code Dev

California Institute of the Arts

Certification in UX/UI Design / Human Interactive Design



Tools & Skills

Design software 

AdobeCC, Figma, Framer, Axure, Abstract, Zeplin, Airtable, Spline3D, Blender, CMS-DAM, Workfront-Asana, MS365 and Diverse AI-Design Apps

Design skills 

Art Direction/Ideation, Branding, Illustration, Interactive Design, Wireframe, Mockups, Prototypes, Responsive Desktop-Mobile, Desk Research, Data Storytelling


Playing guitar has been a lifelong hobby and uplifts my creative design process with fresh ideas...

fueled by a constant drive for growth and learning.

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