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Responsive website design solutions and Amazon Marketplace CX for a Tech Industry start-up company

Beam Labs, a technology start-up company in Los Angeles, CA, helps homeowners gain more safety, security and peace of mind for their families while adding value to their homes.


As the sole UI Digital Designer, I created, built, managed and developed a fully functional website experience from the initiation phase to the product launch. This involved organizing the content, UX research, exploration, taxonomy, layout, accessibility  and UI design to ensure optimal responsive user experience. This included presenting drafts to shareholders, quality assurance, testing and debugging efforts during design iteration updates.


16 Weeks to MVP Website


UI Design-Art Direction / B2B-B2C, Technology, IoT, Home Security, eCommerce, Amazon Marketplace, Start-up


Desk Research, Data Storytelling, UX Design, UI Design, Wireframing-Mockups, Prototyping


Figma, Photoshop-Illustrator, Squarespace


Primary Goals:  Identify user friction points and create a future-proof brand story.  Identify and built UI with clear Calls-to-Action and end-to-end customer journey for company website and for redirection links to the Marketplace.

Solution and Business Impact

I created a website structure and UI web pages for a MVP responsive website — keeping user experience and brand story at the heart of the early design stages through final delivery. 


Desk Research & Discovery

The global IoT market size in terms of revenue was reasonably estimated at $300.3 billion in 2021 and is anticipated to rise to $650.5 billion by 2026. BeamsLabs aims to capitalize on this growing business trend with physical products and digital Apps.

From 2023 to 2030 the global smart home market size is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 27.07%

Pain Points:

  • Tech-startup and time to market.

  • Usability issues: Journey-Level and Interaction-Level.

  • High cost of implementing smart home and Internet of Things.

  • User confusion with tech ecosystems.

  • Intimidated by technology.

UI Design Strategies and Plan
Desk research to uncover pain points and gathered evidence to support future design strategies and actionable plans. We evaluated customer feedback and online surveys, card sorting, as well as tree tests.

Business Goals:

  • Create engaging MVP UI experience and visuals.

  • Focus on responsive homepage first, then website ecosystem.

  • Users know 'where' they are on website and navigation.

  • Design experience to keep the user on-task, deliver useful information and direct traffic to the Amazon Marketplace.

User Needs:

  • Get information about products quickly.

  • Easy to use interface with clear navigation for purchases.

  • Users want and trustworth companies with clear data and stats, info they can easily locate and find, and feel connected with brands that have professional and modern aesthetics.

Red Route analysis

To uncover key touch-points and "Must Haves" priorities. This analysis was used to help inform the interface architecture, navigation and page hierarchies.


UI Before 

DESIGN ISSUES: Product Evaluation—Heuristics

One of my tasks was to evaluated the existing UI website.  I uncovered some key insights and friction points from the first set of heuristic evaluations:

  • Inconsistency UI layout structure and visual aesthetics.

  • Hierarchy and signal-to-noise ratio was very cluttered and hard to read.

  • Navigation and architecture structure was confusing.

  • Unclear branding and design system voice.

  • Issues with content discoverability and user flow: Journey-Level pain points.

  • Redundancies in structure, form and content.


User Flow, Content Strategy & UI Design

After design brainstorming sessions we developed a plan for a UI Structure Design Strategy and created Low- Fidelity Wireframes and actionable plan for a MVP home-landing page.


UI After
Solution for Product Design:
Main Home Page UI

Cohesive, user-centered, consistent and engaging homepage design.
Clear calls-to-action, visual hierarchy-ratio, easy to use and an appealing user experience. 

Additional High-fidelity UI product pages for the MVP website.

Once our team established and met business needs and goals for the main homepage for the website. Furthermore, we moved onto the other site pages within the website navigation structure.

These web pages included: products pages, Log-in flow, FAQ-information pages, warranty and support pages, as well as, building the Amazon Marketplace CMS structure.


Additionally, I designed, art directed and created digital content assets. All final content was used throughout the BeamLabs website as well as used as digital content on Amazon Marketplace experience.

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